Missionary Letter for week of November 16th 2015


This was another great week! We had a Zone conference with President and Sister Hall and a big focus of that was working with members. Full time missionaries can not do this work alone, we have to work together. The blessings and the miracles truly come when we are all united in doing the Lords work together. I learned about some things that I can do better to help support and strengthen the members in my ward to be more involved in the work of salvation, but what I am really learning is what my responsibilities are when I return home. My mission will never be “over”, and I am so grateful!

The other part of our zone conference was based around the talk “swallowed up in the will of the Father” by Neal A Maxwell. It was so good. I feel like I have been learning so much about consecration over the past few months. I love how all of the principles of the gospel are so simple. If you haven’t read that talk before, you should read it this week. It is amazing.

We went on exchanges this week with our Sister Training Leaders… Guess who my STL is. My trainee- Hermana Gonzales! I went to her area with her for a day and spoke Spanish, while her companions came here with Sister Tafiti. It was amazing to see how much she has changed and learned since we were companions back in Victoria. We had so much fun reminiscing on experiences and memories together throughout the day. I also really enjoyed it because I got to ride a bike again! (Sister Tafiti doesn’t have a bike, so we can’t go biking).

Oh, and funny story: Our gas card got stolen last week while we were at the gas station. But all is well. 🙂

I hope that you have a great week!



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