Missionary Letter for week of October 19th 2015


TRANSFER calls came this morning…. it’s never a good thing when your District Leaders says, “I hate to be the one to say this, but Sister Elliott, you are being transferred.” I guess it is obvious how much I love it here.

We got a call this morning from one of the Sisters in the ward and she was asking me a question afterwards, I told her the news. She told me she was going to veto the decision and she was so sweet in telling me how much she has loved having me in the ward and how I truly am a member of the ward, and their family. I am going to miss this place. But I know I felt this way the last two times I was transferred, so I know that this next time will be no different. This is just another opportunity for me to meet more amazing people. Sister Bates is going to do a fantastic work here in Silverlake with whoever her new companion is. She has been making great strides lately, and she really is prepared to take over the area.

We had a great week though! We went to the Temple with our zone and I had an amazing experience! I absolutely LOVE the Temple.

Saturday was a softball tournament and service day down in Alvin Texas. We had a less active member of our ward join us and we had way too much fun with her and the other Sisters! We played softball, (and won of course!), tied quilts, and made bracelets.

I hope that you have a fantastic week and I will write you from some new place in Texas next Monday. 🙂

Sister Elliott


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