Missionary Letter for week of October 12th 2015


The scriptures are full of power. They invite the Spirit, which is the convincing power of the truth. When we teach with scriptures, the Holy Ghost can testify to our hearts and minds the reality of Jesus Christ as our Savior and all the other truths taught in the scriptures. The scriptures are where we learn about Jesus Christ and His life. We cannot become like someone if we do not know them. We first have to come to know Christ to even desire to become like He is.

This week was great, as always. We didn’t get to teach as much as the week before, but we did have a lot more service opportunities. We love to serve! I can’t even tell you how many bathrooms I have cleaned during my mission… I should be a pro by now. haha.

I am really excited for this week because we get to go to the Temple on Friday as a Mission and meet with the Mission President and the Temple President. I always receive so much personal revelation during these trips and it has been way too long since I have been to the Temple. Ah. I LOVE the Temple.

I hope that you have a fantastic week!

Sister Elliott


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