Missionary Letter for week of Sept. 8th 2015


Thank you for your email. Labor day was definitely full of laboring. It was good. We got to spend a lot of time with Members yesterday. We had been hoping that we would find families outside to meet, but it was SUPER humid and there was not a soul in sight… so we used other methods. It was a great day.

This week has flown by! Transfer calls came yesterday morning and Sister Bates and I will be finishing out her training together in Silverlake. I can’t believe how fast each transfer goes! It’s crazy!

We had an ice cream social last Friday, and it was a huge success! We had a lot of members bring some friends and neighbors. There was lots of ice cream and lots of socializing! There were about 200 people that came, and I talked to every one of them. I never thought I would be able to do that. It is amazing what strength and courage the Lord can bless us with when we are determined to do His work and love all of His children.

Speaking of ice cream… Blue Bell came back last week and everybody and their dogs went to get some! So if you aren’t aware, Blue Bell is a Texas special ice cream and it is DELICIOUS. They found some Listeria in one of their factories and a couple of people actually died… So they shut down all their factories and have been out of commission for a long time. They finally re-opened a few factories and put some ice cream back in stores last week. They sold out in one day. It was a mad house. But, because people love us so much they share their Blue bell with us and we had it about 4 times last week. hahaha. I thought I was starting to lose some weight and then Blue Bell came back and is going to ruin it for me.

I don’t know why, but it always seems like hard things come in bunches. There are two sisters in our ward that are in their last month or two of life due to cancer, and a young mom who tragically lost her husband. We have been visiting them all and trying to help them find peace and hope again. It has been very trying, but I do feel the power of the Atonement and God’s plan for all of His children. There are blessings that are coming from each of these unfortunate circumstances. I know that there must be opposition in all things. When we feel extreme sorrow, we are then better able to appreciate joy.

Sister Elliott


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