Letter for week of August 31st 2015


The ward here has been changing so much- It is amazing what a difference it makes to have the trust and the love of the ward members! We have been working really closely with the ward mission leader to get things going in our ward. We were in charge of the 5th Sunday lesson, and it went great! We created an awesome presentation on creating a gospel-sharing home and how simple it can be to do missionary work. All it really comes down to is caring, sharing, and inviting.
We had some cards created with a photo of our church building on the front and simple map on the back. They are AWESOME! We gave all of the members one to pass out along with an invitation to an activity, or something at the church building. It was simple, but it will bring about great things!

We have been teaching a lady whose daughter is in our ward. She has been back and forth because her son in law died just 2 weeks ago and has been here helping her daughter out. She is so wonderful! She isn’t a member, but because of recent events, her heart has truly been opened. She came to church with us on Sunday and we are seeing her and her daughter a few times a week (hopefully).

This morning one of our members, Sister May took us to the Zoo! It was pretty quiet since all the kids are back in school now. It was awesome! A lot of the animals were resting, but we also had some cool opportunities to see zoo keepers working with a few of the animals and giving them treats and do different training things. I love animals! They are just magnificent and totally amazing to me. Nature is one of those things that helps me to know that there most definitely is a God, a great Creator.

I love you so much and I hope that you feel the power of the gospel every day! Don’t forget to look around and take every opportunity to care, to share, and to invite. Have an amazing week!

Love you,
Sister Elliott


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