Letter for week of August 24th 2015


This week was very… stormy! Sister Bates got a little taste of Texas rain. Luckily we were inside every time the rain came pouring down! The thunder really rolled and the lighting lit up the sky! It was amazing. I really do love the rain! 🙂
Because of all the rain, it was very humid! We are just always sweaty, sticky messes… but people somehow love us anyway.

This week we had a great conference with the Halls for the new missionaries and their trainers. I really feel so blessed to be serving with and learning from President and Sister Hall. They are so great!

We had a lesson with one of the Young women this week and we were having her pretend to teach part of the Restoration lesson to me as Sister Bates companion. Her point to teach was how the gospel blesses families. Right as she was about to start teaching, one of her friends came up to the door. She told her that she couldn’t play, then there was a short pause and what she did next was awesome. She invited her friend to come in and join our lesson. Her friend did. Then she proceeded to teach her friend about how the gospel blesses her and her family. It was so cool! 🙂 Missionary work doesn’t have to be hard or awkward, we just have to care, share, and invite. This young women was a great example to me!

There are lots of little miracles every day and I am consistently humbled and reminded of God’s love for all of His children.

I hope that you have a fantastic week and know that I love you!

Sister Elliott


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