Missionary Letter for week of July 27th 2015

Dear momma,

Speaking of hot, it has been getting really hot here! It’s been right up around the 100’s and then adding in the humidity… it’s a fun time on bikes! I love it here though, and it is a good thing because I am going to be staying!! President Hall contacted me last night and I will be training this transfer!! I am feeling so many different emotions right now. Excited to train, sad to have Sister Campbell leave, nervous, and a whole slew of other things. Its going to be great though, I can feel it!

The area has been being prepared to have a new missionary trained here. The relationships with the ward have increased dramatically, and we have seen so many blessings. I am excited to train in this area. The work is really hastening in Silverlake!

We had a trainers meeting this morning with President Hall, and he is so wonderful! He is so inspired and I know without a doubt that he and his family are exactly what our mission need right now. He is implementing some new things that will help us to become better teachers, missionaries, and disciples of Jesus Christ. It is an exciting time to be in the THSM.

Last week was great, but throughout the week, all of our investigators for one reason or another dropped us…. so that means I get to start off fresh with a new companion! Like President Uchtdorf says, “There are no true endings, only everlasting beginnings.” I know that we will be seeing many blessings and miracles as we put forth the effort to seek out the Lord’s elect.

The youth in our ward were doing a temple trip and there were a few who it would be their first time. Sister Campbell and I were invited to attend with them and we jumped at the opportunity

I wish that I could tell you all about everything that happens throughout the week, but I can’t even remember it all! Every week is jam packed with trials, hard work, sweat (a lot of it), funny experiences, and miracles. I hope that you are able to look around and recognize all the blessings each day. Find joy in the journey!

I love you!
Sister Elliott


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