Missionary Letter for week of July 13th, 2015

Dearest Momma,
Silverlake has been doing well! We have been finding some new investigators lately, which is awesome! Right now we are teaching a lady from Brazil that doesn’t speak much english… There are some communication struggles, but it has been going well. I was called to speak english on my mission, so I never really thought I would be going to an english class… but the Spanish missionaries teach an English class once a week and we took our investigator to that and it went really well! Even though she speaks Portuguese, it was a big help! Hopefully that will help her to communicate more effectively. We taught her and her husband twice last week and they are starting to progress.

We met an awesome guy last week on the street! I have seen him a few times and waved at him from the other side of the street, but never had a good opportunity to talk to him until now. Turns out his dad was a preacher for a non-denominational church when he was growing up and so he is pretty knowledgeable about different religions and theology, but he wants to know what makes the LDS faith different. We taught him the Restoration on the street and gave him a Book of Mormon. He has been out of town, but has been reading in it. Hopefully we will get to teach him this week! He said that he has a friend from the Navy that was baptized into the church just a few years ago and married a nice mormon girl from BYU. He sent him a message on Facebook to ask about his conversion… That is going to lead to a cool experience! There is a cute little 8 year old that is getting baptized this week. Her parents are not members, but her siblings were baptized last year. It has been a lot of fun teaching her! She is so excited for us to come over and teach her more about the gospel. Most people aren’t that excited to see us on their doorstep, so it has been nice.

For my sacrament prep this Sunday I decided that I was going to work on gaining the attribute of patience. God really likes to bless us with opportunities to learn patience! Almost immediately after my prayer, I started feeling all anxious and irritated with everything! On Sunday we were trying to figure out where we needed to be between our last two appointments, and we just weren’t really feeling any direction after praying. We decided to just go try a house and on our way up there I got a flat tire! It took us all the time that we had left to walk to our last appointment, but we made it right on time! It’s funny how God gives us exactly what we ask for. Moral of the story… You might want to reconsider when you are thinking about developing more patience!

I hope that you have a wonderful week! I am praying for y’all constantly.

Love you so much!
Sister Elliott


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