Letter for week of July 6th 2015

Dearest momma,

I was able to read the article in the church news online about President Ashton, thanks though. He is going to do great things in his new calling! Yes, he is now a general authority. He will even have his picture in the ensign fold out.
I am really excited for President and Sister Hall. They are going to be much more involved with us, coming teaching, joining our district and zone meetings, etc. All of their kids will be in school, so they have a little more freedom to do those things that the Ashtons couldn’t do.

Holidays as a missionary are supposed to be the BEST days ever… but they are hard! People really don’t want to see us when they are with their families, and so it gets a little awkward when we just stop by. You should invite missionaries over on holidays! Most of our ward left town in the afternoon, but things turned out pretty good for us still.
We had a fun little bike parade at the church in the morning and then had breakfast. Then we got invited to go to a BBQ put on by the Home Owners Association with a few of the members. It was the strangest BBQ I have ever been to! There were tons of people, but we couldn’t proselyte… but I did say hello a billion times. The food sure was good! The hamburger buns were sweet rolls. So fancy.
Then we did our studies and headed out to go do some service… when out of no where it poured rain on us! It didn’t last too long, but it was long enough to get us soaking wet. We had to go home and change. We decided to change our plans and we went to visit a cute little lady in a nursing/rehabilitation home. I am so glad we did! She is the cutest. We got invited to the Bishops house for a BBQ with a few of the other families in the ward. Bishop can sure make a good brisket! Then we had a good lesson with one of the YSA in our ward and that was about our whole day. WE could hear a few fireworks going off, but unfortunately we couldn’t see any.

It was a really great week! Things are moving forward here. We have been teaching a lady from Brazil named. She speaks English, but it is really rough… So teaching her has been kind of interesting. She came to church yesterday!! The ward was great at fellowshipping her and helping her to feel welcome. We have been looking for some Portuguese speakers in the ward, and we finally found one!

We have an investigator who should be getting baptized in 2 weeks. We are just waiting for her dad to confirm the date for us. She is so excited to get baptized!

We taught another investigator again this week. He is so funny! He is the Baptist preacher that we wrote a sermon for. This week we taught him about the Book of Mormon and talked about 3 Nephi 11 when Christ comes to the Americas. He was so excited about this! He said that he has been talking to other preachers and his daughter about what he has been learning.
—> We also found out that his daughter is Latoya Luckett- an original member of Destiny’s Child. It explains SO much about him! He said that he sang the National Anthem at at Houston Rockets game once… so I am going to get him to sing us a song next week. It should be good.

I hope that you have a fabulous week! I love you!

Sister Elliott


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