Missionary Letter week of June 22nd 2015


This week was a very…. different… week here in the mission. On Monday night we had three Hermana’s come to stay in our apartment with us because of the big tropical storm “Bill” that was headed our way. We had orders from the Mission President to stay inside all day on Tuesday.. so we had to cancel all of our appointments. We did a LOT of studying, took a nap, watched Bible videos, played phase 10, a puzzle, made covers for our daily planners…. whatever we could think of to keep us occupied.
We were inside all day just waiting for Bill to hit…. he never came.
The next morning when the Hermanas were heading out to go to transfers… there was a bit of a rain storm, but nothing more than a normal Texas rain. That was about all we got of “Bill”. He was a big dud. (I am grateful, but it was really hard to not be teaching… especially when there was no rain!).

The rest of the week was just about as strange as Tuesday was… There were ‘scares’ of the storm so people cancelled plans with us all week. We only taught 1/2 as many lessons as normal. We spent a lot of time trying to find… which doesn’t work too well when people think a big storm is coming.

Then on Saturday, Sister Campbell’s bike tire popped, so we were on foot for the weekend which slowed us down a little more.

We had a GREAT Sunday though, which gave me the pick me up that I really needed. The talks in Sacrament were awesome and the members were all so kind. One of the talks given reminded me of why I came on my mission. He talked about how TIME is so important. It is how we spend our time that really matters. I was reminded of my dream with Grandpa and it helped me put my week back into perspective. It gave me the extra umph that I needed to get back in the game and give it all I’ve got. It’s funny how the Lord will do that. He uses small and simple means to bring about great works.

I hope that you have a very wonderful week and that you recognize the Lord’s hand in your life each day. I know that he is very much aware of us and he is guiding us.
I love you so much and I am grateful for all that you do!

Sister Elliott


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