Missionary Letter week of June 16th 2015

Dearest Parents,

Transfer calls came… and went. WOOHOO! Both Sister Campbell and I will be staying in Silverlake for another transfer!

This week was a grand one! We got news that President Ashton won’t get to go home and be a nursery leader like he has always wanted… My mission President is going to be a General Authority! He was called to serve as the 2nd counselor in the General Sunday School Presidency. How cool is that?! He is going to be in the Ensign fold out!
I can’t imagine what he and his family must be feeling right now. They have a 3 year old! They truly are on the Lord’s errand and they are amazing people and I am so grateful for the last year that I have had the privilege of serving with them here in Texas. It is going to be hard to see them leave in just a few short weeks, but I know that the Lord has a need for them in other places.

Sister Campbell and I had the amazing privilege of going to the Temple to do baptisms with a new member. Because she has cancer, she didn’t want to be baptized, but instead did confirmations. I had the amazing privilege of being baptized on behalf of her mom. It was an incredible experience! Afterwards, she was just grinning from ear to ear and she said that she feels like that was the best gift she could ever give to her parents. She is totally right!

We taught some really great lessons this week. I love how I feel when I teach the Gospel! We had lessons with 3 young men this week that were just super powerful. we taught the Restoration and we prayed with him. I felt the Spirit very strongly and I pointed it out to him. He said that he too felt something, but he wasn’t able to describe it. All he knew was that it was different and he really liked it. Near the end of the lesson he talked to us about how he has always admired (the bishop’s son) for his morals and for his courage to live what he believes. He told us of some examples when they would be in a group of their friends and he would not participate in certain activities that were inappropriate, or he wouldn’t hang out with friends or go to study groups on Sundays. They were all simple examples, but they stuck with him. It was a good reminder to me of the effect that our simple decisions have on others. Even when we don’t think that people are paying attention, they are. I hope that I always choose to live what I believe.

When we taught another one this week, he was loving it! We had a lesson on the Atonement (justice and mercy) with him and incorporated some of the plan of salvation as well. We used a lot of scripture references from the Book of Mormon and he just kept saying, “this is good stuff!” He said that he is really touched by our passion to share what we believe and to teach about Christ. Whenever we ask him to read in the Book of Mormon or pray, he laughs and asks us if we are trying to convert him.

I tried a crazy cool fruit this week called “miracle fruit”. It blocks the sour receptors in your tongue and everything tastes sweet. We ate a miracle fruit and then ate half of a lime. The lime tasted like candy! It was so strange!

We had a nice little down pour on Tuesday night and we rode home from the church in the pouring rain. It was so much fun!!! Sister Campbell and I were jumping through puddles left and right! We felt like we were at a water park! That is about the closest we get to playing in water during the summer on the mission. One of the members of the ward drove by and she started taking pictures of us on her camera. We look pretty weird riding bikes in the pouring rain in skirts and helmets. Then again, we look pretty weird most of the time.

We got a call from the mission office today and there is a big storm headed our way. I live in a safe area, so they are sending 3 other sisters to join us for a few days, possibly a week. After losing 5 cars in the last flood they are taking some better precautions. The last flood was with about 11 inches of water, this one is predicted to have about 18. I hope there isn’t nearly as much damage done in this flood as in the last one!


Sister Elliott


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