Missionary Letter for week of June 29th

Dearest momma,

This week was full of things!

Sister Campbell had a flat tire last Saturday… and then again on Monday. So we did a lot of walking and fixing tires… We are pretty much bike shop pros by now. I had another little tumble on my bike… But I didn’t even get a scratch! I’m not sure how I always walk away unscathed, but the Lord is really looking out for me. This time was pretty funny… We were going by some construction… I don’t really know what happened… but one of my shoes came off. I was looking all over for my shoe when I finally found it stuck in the spokes of my front wheel. Strange place for a shoe!

We had our goodbye zone conference with President and Sister Ashton last week. It was bitter-sweet. I am really going to miss them!
They gave us their departing missionary advice. It was awesome! They talked about having life visions, choosing faith, and other things that they have learned from this 3 year mission.

President Ashton gave us 3 committments…

1. To read/study the scriptures EVERY day for the rest of our life.
2. To deny ourselves of ALL ungodliness.
3. To learn our spiritual language and to immediately act on EVERY prompting.

I am so grateful to have served with President and Sister Ashton and to learn all that I have from them. President Hall and his family arrive in Houston today and we will have a conference to meet them next week. I am excited to get to know them and learn from them.

This week we had another really cool opportunity….We had a Mini Missionary with us for the weekend!
What’s a mini missionary? It is a youth that is set apart to come and be part of the full-time missionary companionship. They basically are a full time missionary, but for a short amount of time.

The entire Friendswood stake participated in this mini-mission. There were about 30 youth in the stake that wanted to participate, so they were assigned to join one of the companionship’s in the mission. President Scott (stake Pres) even set them apart individually for this calling (WAY COOL!).
Sister Danielle Cobb was assigned to serve with Sister Campbell and I in Silverlake. She is 15 years old and such a great girl! We had so much fun together. We worked her really hard and tried to give her as many mission experiences as possible in just 3 short days. I think we did pretty good at it.


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