Letter for week of May 27th 2015

Dearest Madre,

On Monday we found out that there had been a tornado the day before just about 15 minutes away. It had damaged some apartments and we were being called to go help clean up and to translate- (what?! I don’t speak much spanish!) So we went and it was crazy. Driving up there you would never have known that there was a tornado… when suddenly… TONS of EMS vehicles everywhere in front of this one apartment complex. We went in and got instructions from the Zone Leaders. We got to work helping people pack up their belongings and getting out of there asap. There was so much damage! A lot of the buildings were condemned and these poor people were just distraught. A lot of them are from Mexico and don’t speak any english. We did a lot of translating and letting them know where they could go for food, and shelter.

We were at the Tornado clean up until about 3pm and then we went back to our area to go teach some people. We met some really neat people on the street and got serenaded by a drunk guy. Man I miss living in the city! Silverlake is so quiet… It was a weird change. I did pretty good with my spanish, especially because I haven’t been practicing it very well… I know that Heavenly Father blessed me to be able to communicate with the people in this area.

That night we had a member drive us over to some other Hermana’s apartments to stay for the night so we could go to the temple SUPER early in the morning. When we left it started pouring rain and the roads started flooding. Well…. it was a huge storm ALL night long. We made it to the temple safely, but all around us there were roads flooded out. When we got to the Temple we thought we were going to be late but instead we were the first ones there. We found out that most of the highways were closed and traffic was being re-routed because they were flooded! We started our session about an hour later than planned…. There still were sisters that never made it. We found out that there are about 5 cars throughout the mission that got completely flooded! When they went to their car in the morning… it was filled with water and completely ruined. We had two sisters stay with us in Silverlake last night because they were on exchanges and their car got flooded and so they were “homeless” for the night.

We had an incredible time at the temple! The Spirit was extremely strong. I learned SO much! I wish that I could just express all the things that I learned and the feelings I had, but most of it I can’t share. I learned about my potential and my purpose. I learned who I was before I came to this earth. I learned who I need to (and can) be while I am here on this earth. Things started clicking in my head. Doubt left me and I was filled with greater faith. I was changed because of the things that I learned.

AH, I really do LOVE THE TEMPLE!

I hope that you have an amazing week. I know that God has been looking out for all of us this last week. I have received many answers to my prayers and I have seen many miracles. I know that it is so easy to allow doubt and fear to creep into our minds and our hearts, but we have all the tools to combat it. If we press forward with faith in keeping the commandments and putting the most important things first we will be protected and blessed.

I love you!!

Sister Elliott


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