Letter for week of May 11th 2015

Momma Sita,

It was so good to see you all yesterday and to visit with you for a whole 40 minutes! It was so good! I love you all so much! I am so glad that I got to see everyone! That was a very pleasant surprise for me. 🙂

This week was a little bit slower… We are really looking for people to teach. We met an 82 year old lady (who is adorable!) that has a really good friend who is mormon. She has met with missionaries in the past, but hasn’t been ready to give up her Episcopalian/Methodist/Church of Christ going days. She believes that all that we teach is true, but she is looking for that conviction, or in other words, she wants her own testimony. We had a nice visit with her and asked her to pray specifically about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon with us. She broke down in tears. She knew that this was how she would gain her testimony… but she wasn’t quite willing to do it. She wouldn’t pray with us there.
It was hard to see that this sweet woman knows the truth and wants to feel it, but she is still so scared to fully let go and allow the truth to envelop her. She wants it, but she isn’t willing to do the work for it. She will though. I am excited to meet with her again this week.

We had an interesting opportunity to teach a preacher for a Baptist church. He called us up and said that he wanted to have a Bible study with us on the topic of Messengers and messages. We thought that fit in quite nicely with the Restoration, so we agreed. We didn’t know that he was a preacher until we sat down to meet. He said that he was going to be giving a big sermon on the 20th and he needed some help writing it, so he thought, who better to ask than the Mormon Missionaries! We had a good laugh and then started in… teaching the Restoration. He got pretty into it. We gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to pray about it. He said that he would!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week! I love you and I miss you and I am so so so glad that I was able to see you all yesterday!

LOVE you,
Sister Elliott


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