Missionary Letter May 4th 2015

We got transfer calls this morning….. verdict is in. Sister Campbell and I are BOTH staying in Silverlake!! WOOH! We are both really excited! It is going to be another great transfer with a lot more miracles.

This week was amazing! We were able to teach the rest of the lessons that she needed, have last minute changes to the baptismal program (noche blanca was cancelled at 10:30 pm the night before), plan the baptism and have the most spiritual and incredible baptism that I have ever been to.

Our ward was incredible! We made calls and sent texts to basically everyone in the ward inviting them to the baptism. They sent back saying they would try to be there, some of them offered to bring treats and help with whatever we needed. Amazing members here! We had tons of people show up! The whole relief society room was packed, there were even people standing. President Ashton even made a special appearance and spoke at the baptism! The best part was after the ordinance of baptism, when She bore her testimony of why she decided to be baptized.
Everyone in the room was captivated by the Spirit as she spoke, even the little kids. There was not a dry eye in the room. She bore her testimony about how she was diagnosed with a rare (duodenal) cancer just 2 years ago. She spoke of how she had remembered a time in her life when she was praying and reading her scriptures every day and how it had brought her peace and that she wanted that peace back again. So one day, (about a month ago) she was sitting at the University and decided to search for a “free bible” on the internet. The first thing that came up was from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She remembered that she had seen that name before… it was on the front of the church building that she walked by all the time here in Silverlake and wondered if she could go and worship and serve there. So, She requested a Bible and was very excited when it said that it would be delivered to her in a few days.

Then she said, “these two ladies showed up at my house with a Bible and another book, The Book of Mormon.” She said she had never heard about this sacred book before, but she wanted to know more and before she knew it, she was telling us to come back on Friday.

She read everything that we left for her to read. We invited her to be baptized and she wasn’t quite sure. She was praying about it, like we had asked and she read in the Bible. Every single page she opened to said something about baptism and how it was absolutely necessary to enter God’s kingdom. She knew that God had answered her prayer. That was when she texted us saying she wanted to be baptized at the earliest possible time- one week later.

She said that as she has read and studied in the Book of Mormon and the things we had taught her, all of her fears and worries left. She is no longer afraid. She said that she read a scripture where Christ says not to worry about anything. She said that all her fears and worries have left her. She is no longer afraid to die. She is no longer afraid about what will happen to her family when the cancer takes her. She is no longer afraid of the pain she may face. She is free from all her worries and her cares because of her exceedingly great faith in her Savior Jesus Christ and his atonement. I have been so blessed to teach Manisha and hear her sweet testimony! My faith has increased dramatically as I have been around her these last few weeks. I wish that everyone could meet this incredible woman and hear her testimony for themselves.

I know that Manisha is experiencing the sweet blessings that come only from the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We can all receive this great peace and joy in our lives if we seek our Savior diligently and act in faith.

I am so grateful to be serving as a full time missionary and have the opportunity to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands to bring the world his truth! People are being prepared all around us, we just need to find them!

Sister Elliott


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