Letter for week of April 20th, 2015



Ok, so this week has been amazing! It has been raining a ton, but we have seen miracle after miracle after miracle. God has been really blessing us here. We have made it in safe right before the storm hits EVERY time. And lots of other miracles too, like…..

We had an amazing lesson with our investigator this week. We taught her the plan of salvation and put a big focus on the Savior’s atonement and how he can bring peace into our lives. We talked about how it was an individual sacrifice and of His great love for us. She opened up and told us that she has stage 3 cancer. We were shocked, but the Spirit guided us to be able to say exactly what she needed to hear.

This Sunday she was unable to make it to church because she was feeling too weak. When she didn’t show up, we went out to call her and found out that she was feeling to weak and ill from the chemo, so she wouldn’t be making it. We called her again after church and asked her if she would like a Priesthood blessing. She said yes please. We were able to get two members of the ward to come with us to offer her a blessing. The Spirit in her house was incredibly strong. She said that she had been praying in the morning for Heavenly Father to give her help and to bless her with the ability to have peace and get through this. Then we called and offered her a blessing and she knew that this was Heavenly Father answering her prayer.

Then Our other investigator opened up to us in our lesson with him this week. He wants to be baptized, but his wife doesn’t know that he has been meeting with us because she doesn’t want him to be a Christian. He has been waking up in the middle of the night to write a book about Jesus Christ, but his wife doesn’t know.

These experiences have really opened my eyes to see how easy I have it. The faith of these people to believe in and follow Jesus Christ is miraculous. They were raised for the majority of their lives not knowing God or Jesus Christ, yet they are willing to do anything and everything to know him and follow him. This week I have been pondering the question: how diligent am I in living my faith and following Jesus Christ?

Unfortunately, I don’t think that I am living quite up to par. There are things that I need to change to ACT on my faith and follow Jesus Christ more diligently. There are many other amazing things happening each day. I hope that you are recognizing the miracles around you each day and that you are striving each day to be more diligent in your faith to follow Jesus Christ.

I love you!!! Sister Elliott


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