Letter for week of April 6th 2015

Momma Sita,

I am back in the Friendswood Stake and they have a huge focus on Family History. We get to do 2 hours of our own family history each week. Last week I found out how to add pictures and stories and sources for the information. I started adding sources for grandpa and I am working my way back. You should check it out sometime. The new programs they have are amazing!


We watched General Conference at the church. It was just Sister Campbell and I! We wheeled a tv into the chapel and enjoyed being filled with the Spirit of the Lord as we heard from the Prophet, Apostles and other leaders of the church. It was a very unique experience watching conference this way.

My heart sank a little bit (okay, a lot) during the Saturday afternoon session when people opposed the sustaining of the Prophet and his Apostles. It was interesting to me how sustaining the Prophet was a prominent theme in the October General Conference just 6 months ago. I know that we are led by a Prophet who has been called and ordained of God. It is so crucial for us to receive a personal testimony of this truth, so that we cannot be shaken when things like this occur.

There was so much good stuff in general conference! I loved it all. I feel like a kid at Christmas when I am listening to General conference now. It is so exciting to me!

We are really trying to find people who are prepared in this area. We are making some progress! We found a little family from East India that is so excited and sincere in their desire to learn about the gospel. They are going to be out of town, so we won’t be able to meet with them until Friday, so please pray that we will have a super spirit led lesson with them on Friday afternoon. It is going to be good.

We are trying to find investigators to prepare for a “noche blanca” (white night) the first weekend in May. This is going to be a night where investigators from all of Friendswood stake get baptized together. The Stake President and the mission President will both be there to speak. It should be an incredible experience. Please keep that in your prayers as well. We hope every companionship will be able to have at least one person getting baptized on this special night.

I hope that all is well on the homefront. I love you tons!

Sister Elliott


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