Letter for week of March 30th, 2015

Transfers were this week. I was quite sad to leave Victoria and hermana Gonzalez, but I felt in my heart that Heavenly Father had somewhere else for me to be. It is strange how you can just know something is right because of feelings of peace, even when it is still hard. So where did I end up? Right back to where I started! No, jk, I am not in Sunnyside, but I am back to my native Pearland zone and Friendswood stake! I am in a bike area just about 10 minutes south of Sunnyside. It is a beautiful suburban area called Silverlake. It is part of Pearland and Manville. It really is a gorgeous area and it is the best time of the year to be biking. Most of the rain storms are done, the hot hasn’t completely set in yet and it is just sunny and pretty.
This ward is so strange! The entire ward is active! We have very very few less- actives to work with. The ward members are all young families that are going to med school, doing residencies, or working at hospitals. It is a very wealthy area and the work is going to be very different than my previous areas.
We don’t really have any investigators right now, so we are trying to do a lot of finding. There are quite a few people outside exercising (riding bikes or running) so there are people to talk to, but they are all on a mission and don’t really want to talk during their exercise time.
I’m sure that I will start to get the hang of it soon and we will be able to find a lot of great new investigators and things will start progressing well! (start praying now!)

My companion…… is AWESOME! I actually knew her already. We met a long time ago…. in the MTC. We were in the same zone in the MTC and got to know each other a little bit. Her name is Sister Campbell. She is from Canada and contrary to popular belief she doesn’t say “ay” all the time. Rather she says, “hay”. Haha. We are really excited to be serving together. She told the Mission President that she had said a prayer right before transfer meeting started and asked if it was of with God if he would allow me to be her companion. I guess it was alright!

I was able to watch the Womens broadcast this Saturday and it was great! I really loved it, and it made me that much more excited for General Conference this weekend! I can’t believe that I was in the conference center just one year ago listening to The Prophet and his Apostles. Time flies! In preparation for general conference I would like to give you a challenge: read at least one talk a day from last general conference. This will remind you of the things that you learned 6 months ago, give you opportunity to see your personal spiritual growth in the last 6 months and it will help you prepare to learn new things during these next sessions of general conference. Also, bring at least one question to conference that you would like answered. I am doing these things and so far it has been wonderful to review the talks from last conference. It feels like it was just a few weeks ago that I was listening to these talks in Sunnyside with my trainer Hermana Watkins.

Since I am so close to Sunnyside it is exciting because there are actually a few women in the Silverlake ward that had served in the Sunnyside branch, so I came to Silverlake and was able to see a few familiar faces.

I hope that y’all have a great Easter weekend and enjoy conference. It is going to be awesome!

Here is my new address:
9900 Broadway St
Apt #2073
Pearland, Texas 77584

I love you so much!

Sister Elliott


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