Letter March 16th 2015


We are staying off candy for the whole month of March, except for a cheat day on our investigator’s baptism!! He is getting baptized this Saturday the 21. He is doing awesome and is so excited! Keep the prayers coming so he can resist temptation.

Well, last week I spoke too soon about not getting sick. On Saturday I started a low fever in the morning, but was fine until around 4 when it started getting worse. We finally came in around 7 pm and by then I was not doing so well. I had a fever over 100 until about 1am. It was miserable! I don’t remember the last time I had a high fever. Don’t worry though, my companion, the Elders and the ward members here are all awesome and they gave me medicine and I got a blessing on Sunday afternoon. I started feeling so much better after the blessing (and a 3 hour nap). We took it easy yesterday. I feel better today, but my glands are still pretty swollen, so I am still using the oils and some meds. There are way too many awesome people here that take care of me. I am glad that you are feeling better! I guess I just needed to have some sympathy for you or something. haha.

Miracles are happening all over the place! Our investigator came to church and he has been able to resist smoking and coffee! He is on track for his baptism on March 21. A sister (who hasn’t been to church for over 5 years) made it to church today for Sacrament meeting! I have been visiting with her and inviting her to church every week since I got to Victoria and she finally made it! She loved it and she will definitely be coming again. Sometimes some blessings take time, but I know that they come in the Lords time. We don’t always see the fruits of our labors, but there are always fruits.

Transfers are coming up really fast! We will find out next Monday morning if we get to stay together another transfer or if one of us is being transferred. I hope that we both get to stay one more transfer!! Hna Gonzalez says hola back.
Sorry I have been horrible with taking photos! I will really try to be better…..



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