Missionary Letter March 9, 2015

This last week was amazing!
We currently have 8 investigators- and 3 of them are progressing pretty well. (Blank) made it to church yesterday!!! And what is even better… he surprised us and paid his tithing! At church he found out that he worked with two of the members in the ward back in the 80’s. They got to talking and all of the members helped him to feel right at home- it was wonderful! I know that the members make all the difference in someone’s conversion and retention. Missionaries are only around for so long, but members stay.
He is on track to be baptized on March 21. He just needs to stop smoking and drinking coffee. He is making a lot of progress and he is changing a lot, so I know that he will be able to do it as he relies on the Savior. Please pray that he will be able to live the Word of Wisdom fully by March 13.
We were going over some of the program for baptism so we can prepare him for everything and because his back has been fuzed, he can’t really bend it back at all… so we came up with a plan of how he will be baptized. He will be going forward rather than back! We practiced how it will work in his front room with one of the members. It is going to be very interesting and we will be lucky if it can happen without Hermana Gonzalez bursting out laughing.

We are trying to help him stop coffee, so we brought over some hot chocolate and apple cider mixes. Hermana Gonzalez made some hot chocolate (with milk) for us while we had the lesson…. she scorched the milk and it started to stink. He was hollering at her from his chair like he was yelling at his wife or something. It was hilarious! We were coming up with a plan to help him stop smoking and coffee, and so we were talking about his triggers and he said that Hermana Gonzalez was his trigger because she stresses him out when she tries to cook. haha. We have a lot of fun teaching Him.
I love you!
Love, Sister Elliott


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