Missionary Letter 3/2/2015

There is a lady in the ward who is extremely shy, but wants to do missionary work. We invited her to come out teaching with us and she is more than willing, so we went to see an investigator with her. This investigator has had a rough life. Her husband is in jail for dealing drugs and she is raising her 3 kids on her own. She has her brother and his family living with her. Her nephew and his girlfriend were at the house when we showed up for our lesson. The nephew has tattoos all over his face and was yelling to his dad where the Vodka at when we showed up. Needless to say, the Spirit was not present when we arrived. The ward member was so nervous. We sat down and started talking and we ended having an incredible lesson with everyone in the house. The Spirit truly directed that lesson. We all bore testimony about how we have come to know Jesus and accept him in our lives. We taught about our purpose in this life. By the end we learned that the nephew and his girlfriend are trying to stay sober from alcohol and drugs and the nephew was really touched by the conversation that we had. He said that he had some more questions for us, so we gave him our info and told him to call us so we can help him find answers. There were a few times when the Sister from the ward would turn to me and whisper “I am so nervous!” or “my heart is racing and I don’t know what to say.” We prayed with them and then the Sister from the ward went up to the investigator and invited her to church. She and her nephew said that they would come!!
Even though this sister was terrified the entire time, and her heart was pounding so loud she couldn’t hear her own thoughts, she overcame her fear with her faith. She followed the Spirit and invited someone to come unto Christ. It was such a neat opportunity for me to see the change in this member and it helped me remember that I cannot allow my fears to replace my faith.
It has been an awesome week here in Victoria and I am so blessed to be serving here with Hermana Gonzalez. There are miracles happening every day! The more I turn to my Savior for guidance and strive to be like him the more I recognize his hand throughout my day.
I hope you have a wonderful week and overcome your fear with your faith!
Love, Sister Elliott


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