Letter from week of December 15th 2014


Hey sorry I don’t tell you about people! I get to excited to tell you all about what I am learning and forget you don’t already know everything else!

KD Gregory is an active member of the ward here in Victoria. Her and her husband have an amazing family with 5 kids: Wyatt (14) Jerusha (12) Izzy (12) Millie (10) and Emmett (5). They kind of adopt all the missionaries. We go to their house on P-days after we get all of our stuff done to play with the kids. If we ever don’t have a dinner appointment on Sunday, we go to their house for dinner. They are always taking people in and having someone new over for dinner. It is really cool. KD is the one that is always sending you pictures and stuff. She just likes keeping missionary moms updated (especially the elders because they never send home pictures).

My neck is doing pretty good, especially for not going to see the chiro for a month now. I am going to go the first of January to see him again. I have been feeling pretty good, but I am allergic to something out here in the country! My eyes swell up every day and I get rashes and hives that move around my body. It is interesting. Other than that I am healthy as a horse.Haha

We are trying to do a lot of re-activation, but we are also trying to baptize. Their are over 500 inactive or less-active members in this ward. There are also a lot of part member families. The work is moving along, but it has been kind of slow. I am praying that it will be picking up soon!

Well I hope that you have a wonderful week! I will talk to sister Gregory and have her coordinate skype times and such with you for Christmas! Thank you for everything! I love you!


Sister Elliott


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