Letter from December 29th 2014


That is so neat to hear about the McBride’s. It sounds very similar to what we are striving for in our mission. We have really been focusing on obedience and consecrating ourselves so that we can really do the Lord’s work and reap all the blessings. There are a lot of things that I have been working on in order to more fully consecrate myself. Some of them are a lot harder than others, but you know the hard times are where the most growth occurs. If we are comfortable and complacent, than there is no room for growth. It sucks to be uncomfortable, but I am becoming more grateful for it.
It was so great to see you all on Skype on Christmas! I loved it. I wasn’t really sure what to talk about though. I hope that my story didn’t freak you out. haha. It probably didn’t even come out like it really happened.
Wow. There are so many loving and thoughtful people there in good ol’ Tooele! I got so many Christmas cards- it was wonderful! I definitely was overwhelmed with love and gratitude to know so many amazing people.

Sister Cotton “dies” tomorrow, so I dropped her off at the mission home a little while ago and I am in another area until Wednesday when I get my new companion. It should be exciting. I hope that I get someone who isn’t going home in one or two transfers! I am tired of “killing” missionaries! It is hard work.

Well, I love you and I hope that you have a great new year! I hope that my emails make sense because there is always so much in my brain and so little time to write.

Sister Elliott


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