Missionary Letter 10/27/2014

It really is true that Satan works so much harder on you when you are doing good things. He has been working on me pretty good lately and I guess he just wasn’t slowing me down enough, so he threw my neck problems back in my face. Nice try buddy! We have a lot of good things coming our way and I am not going to slow down because of a little pain. We just met a super awesome guy last night that requested a triple combination online. He is not a member, but he attended church twice with a lady he went to school with. We are going to teach him for the first time today and I can’t wait! I love it when I can tell that people really have a thirst for knowledge and this guy does. He was going to start reading in Abraham last night after we left- who does that?

Ok, So patriarchal blessings really are just the best things ever. Whoever is reading this needs to go get their blessing out and read it. Like, right now. If you haven’t received your blessing yet, then prepare and go get it! I have been really studying mine, and it is amazing what you can find out about yourself from a simple blessing from your Father in Heaven. It is really giving me direction and purpose and helping me to become the person (& missionary) my Heavenly Father wants me to be.

We had the Stake Patriarch come yesterday and speak in sacrament meeting and it was wonderful! It just confirmed the love that I have for my patriarchal blessing, and gave me some more avenues to study it differently. There really is so much contained in there that we can’t even comprehend it all. There was a great talk in this last conference about living worthy of the blessings of our patriarchal blessing. Are we living so that they can be fulfilled? It really has made me think. I don’t want to miss out on any of these opportunities or blessings, and all I have to do is live the according to the gospel. ( Doctrine of Christ- 2 Nephi 31.

This week has been kind of crazy. We had to stay in a few hours on a couple days because my companion was running a fever, but we still managed to do work. On Wednesday we had the opportunity of a lifetime- President Ashton came and taught one of our investigators with us! Earnest is a super solid investigator, but he is really stuck on accepting Prophets and The Book Of Mormon because the Bible talks about false teachings and all that jazz. He has also been raised up on a lot of anti-mormon doctrine, so it is hard for him to accept, but he has come to church twice and loves it! Anyway, President came with us and one of the first things he says is… “As a mission we will probably teach about 8,000 lessons this month. As President, I get to sit in on about 2 of those. So, why does the Lord want me here in this lesson?” It was powerful! Ah, Sister Shill and I just sat back and took it all in. President Ashton knows the scriptures better than anyone I have ever met in my life. It is definitely one of his gifts. He was able to use and explain scriptures so simply, yet profoundly. I probably learned more than our investigator did! Our investigator was confounded and just would say, well I don’t know… I will have to read more on that.

After the lesson President talked to us for a few minutes and told us that we were doing an awesome job and that he was on the right track, he is just going to take a little longer. He told him to just keep getting him to church and reading the Book of Mormon with him and he will come to know for himself without a doubt that it is the truth. He told me that I was an awesome teacher and to just keep doing what I was doing. Coming from President, that was a HUGE compliment.

So yeah, this last week has been pretty awesome. Sister Shill and I get to go to the temple this Thursday and then again as a mission on Nov 7th. We are going to have a training in the temple with President Ashton as well as the Temple President. I am so excited for that!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Love you,
Sister Elliott


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