Letter from October 15th, 2014

I got my new companion- Sister Shill. She is awesome! No, I am not training. She is right at the end of her mission. In missionary lingo I will be “killing her” soon too. She is done with her mission in December. I am extremely blessed with incredible companions. We are working hard and we are seeing tons of amazing blessings and miracles already. Sister Shill was also an hermana before, and she is teaching me Spanish. She gave me a Spanish Book of Mormon and we read out of it together every night. I love it! I still don’t understand the majority of it, but it is slowly coming. She talks to me in Spanish quite a bit and then I just respond in English, but at least I am understanding a lot of what she is saying!

I am still serving in Sunnyside, and I am so grateful! I really do love it here. There are some of the most interesting people and there is never a dull moment. We had an incredible opportunity to have a general authority from the 70 come to our mission and give us a special training. His name is Elder Schweitzer. He and his wife are amazing! I love them. He talked a lot about conversion and how we become truly converted to the gospel. We must become converted before we can convert others. We better learned how we can focus everything we do and say on our Savior Jesus Christ. When we taught that way it was so much more powerful! Jesus Christ should always be the center. The center of our lives and the way we live.

Elder Schweitzer’s wife talked a lot about who we are and what we have to offer. Something that I am really coming to realize is that everyone has special talents and abilities that are given from God. These abilities and our personalities are for us to bless others lives. Sharing the gospel and blessing other’s lives is as simple as just being yourself. I have been so focused on being the best missionary I can be and in doing all the right things that I forget to be myself. I have been coming to realize that as I am myself others open up and are so much more willing to listen and allow the Spirit to touch their hearts. Serving a mission is seriously the best thing that I could be doing and I am so grateful for this opportunity to be out here serving others and losing myself so that I can find out who I really can be in the Lord.

So this last Sunday was super interesting. I went to a Catholic mass with one of our investigators. There was a choir and a drum set and a grand piano. Everyone talks the whole time and shouts hallelujah! There just happened to be a baby baptism that day as well. Sister Shill and I were both in tears as we watched and listened to this Father cast the Devil out of this innocent little child. I walked away from that experience with a much greater conviction that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is truly the Lord’s church on the earth today. Going from the Catholic church to a sacrament meeting where I was able to renew my covenants with my Father in Heaven and have that peaceful quietness that allowed the Holy Ghost to enter into my heart was a stark difference. Everyday I have my testimony and beliefs challenged, but I love it. It allows me to truly search for myself which renews and strengthens my faith in the truth. I can stand firm in testifying to any person that I KNOW that this is the Lord’s church restored to the earth. I KNOW that we have a living Prophet that leads and guides us. I KNOW that my Savior lived and died for me and that it is through Him that all things are possible. I KNOW that I am not out here for nothing. I am doing the Lord’s work. I am a representative of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I love you all and I pray for you all the days!


Sister Elliott


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