Missionary Letter 10/6/2014

Oh wow, conference was AMAZING! We didn’t have any investigators come… but two of them watched or recorded it to watch later in their homes! I can’t wait to go see them again and talk to them about it.
(I am not in my area for the next two days while I wait for transfers and find out who my new companion is. In the mean time I will be serving in Sugarland with Sister Pulu. I am going to be taking over my area in Sunnyside, so that is exciting and nerve wracking.)
I LOVED seeing all the familiar faces at conference! I didn’t see Dan, but I did see quite a few people. It was wonderful!! I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning seeing people that I know and love. What a huge blessing that was to see everyone!

Sister Watkins is heading home…. It was really hard to leave her, but I know that she has many things to do back home and that I have been extremely lucky and blessed to have her as my trainer. She was an incredible missionary and I am going to really miss her. It makes me really nervous for my next companion…. But I am sure they will be wonderful too.

So this last week I had a super incredible opportunity to go to the temple and do some family names that I found. Sister Watkins and I found an Elliott in her family line, so we really probably are soul sisters. We both got to do baptisms for an Elliott. It was an amazing experience doing the work for my own ancestors! I even got to do one initory, now I just need to finish the rest of their work and keep finding more names! It is the best feeling to find your ancestors and then take their names to the temple. I will probably be sending you and dad a few names sometime in the future to have you do some sealings.

I learned in conference that no matter what our lives are like, we need to re-arrage our lives to put what is most important first. We need to be doing daily scripture study, praying, family history and temple work. The blessings promised in conference are huge! So I also encourage you to do what you can and plan everything else around the Lord. I know it won’t be easy, but I also know that it will be worth it.

We all got a special privilege to watch “meet the Mormons” this last week. It comes out in theatres next week and you should absolutely go watch it! Tell everyone you know to go. It is SO good! It is going to be a powerful tool to help the work move forward. It is so well put together. It is funny, entertaining, educational, and it most definitely invites the Spirit. You should get as many people as you can and all go the first week that it opens! The more people that watch it, it could eventually get on Netflix! Think of the millions of people that would gain a greater understanding and appreciation for LDS members, and maybe even be converted because they get to watch a simple movie in the comfort of their own home! The Lord truly is hastening his work.

So I got to go on exchanges with Hermana Fisi’ahi (spanish sister in my area) this last week. So I got to hear the lessons in Spanish and it was such an amazing experience! My Spanish has been improving and I definitely received the gift of interpretation of tongues because I was able to understand almost all of what was being said! Unfortunately, I haven’t received the gift of tongues… so pretty much all I could say was my name, where I am from, and that I am really sorry that I can’t speak much Spanish, but that I do understand and little. They all just smile and chuckle at me. Super nice people though! I would love to go on exchanges with the hermanas more often!

Well, I love you and think of ya’ll often! You better believe I am praying for everyone everyday. I’ve been sending some of our Texas rainstorms your way, glad to hear that you like them! Haha.

Love you tons, Sister Elliott


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