Missionary Letter 9-15-2014

Our investigator didn’t get baptized again. He is really struggling. Satan keeps giving him one trial after another and is really working hard on him. We haven’t re-extended a date yet, but we will keep working with him. Heavenly Father has helped us to realize that he needs to take more responsibility in this process. We will be giving him numbers of members for him to call and ask for his own ride on Sundays. We are also going to have him start teaching us at least once a week. He has to show us that this is something that he really wants and is willing to put forth the effort for. We have been doing all the work, but he hasn’t been getting anywhere. It is hard, but we are still just loving him and helping him to understand that he has to be the one to work out his salvation. It has to be something between him and his Savior. Tough love is hard stuff.

In the stake that I am serving in we have special permission as missionaries to do our own family history work 2 hours per week. We went to the Clayton library in Houston and had a training on the newfamilysearch.org. It was awesome! It was so cool to start making connections and adding to our family tree. It looks like I hardly did anything, but I was so excited to just get started! I am coming to learn more and more about the importance of doing our family history. It is a commandment to do it, not only for their salvation, but for our own. The prophets and apostles have been promising blessings to those who do family history work, and I know that we can really use those blessings. I know it is hard to find any time, but I know that if you make the effort you will see the blessings being poured out upon you. Y’all need to go and do the names that you have reserved. I know it will be an amazing experience for you.

I can definitely feel the strength and guidance of my ancestors in doing this work. Every investigator that I have taught so far has had a family member or a close friend murdered. It is such a hard thing, but we love to teach them about family history. It is amazing to see how they light up and they begin to change when they learn that families can be together forever and that they can do their work. Even if they don’t want to take the lessons or be baptized I know that they feel the spirit of Elijah and they have a great desire to have that connection with their ancestors and they love making a familysearch account. We have helped a few investigators and members find names of family members on familysearch and it is the coolest experience. I know that we are not alone in this work.


Sister Elliott


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