Missionary Letter September 2/14

I just wanted to share a little bit of one of my studies from this last week. I have been studying all of the attributes of Christ, but this one hit me differently than ever before. It was my study on patience.

To be patient is defined as

1) bearing pains or trials without complaint

2) showing self control

3)steadfast, persevering

–Steadfast means to a) go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of difficulties and b) to continue to exist.

I realized that at different times in my life I had different capacities for patience. Sometimes I am able to go on resolutely and stubbornly in spite of difficulties, yet at other times I merely continue to exist. No matter what stage in life we are, we must continue to have patience. I know that as we put our full faith in God and in our Savior Jesus Christ our patience will begin to increase from simply existing to being resolute and steadfast.

No matter where your patience is, keep pressing forward in faith. You are not alone. You can be resolute in your patience no matter how bleak the circumstances may seem now.

Love, Sister Elliott


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