Missionary Letter July 28,2014

Dear Family,

I am glad that you got my letter from the first day and that they sent a picture! I haven’t even seen the picture yet, but that is awesome. President and Sister Ashton are wonderful. No, don’t send mail to my address, just keep sending it to the mission office. I will get it whenever I can. Packages are welcomed and loved, but I don’t get to the office every week, so just be sure that you don’t send anything perishable. We don’t get fed by members very often, and so we try to cook for ourselves, but we have been working so much that we don’t have much time to eat. We have been making pb and j sandwiches so that we can take them with us on our bikes and just keep working. We are definitely seeing the blessings from the extra effort and hard work that we are putting in.

This week was wonderful, trying, and crazy fast! We were able to teach a lot of lessons and we did a lot of finding. We started teaching a guy and he was solid. When we went to teach him, we ended up teaching three of his roommates as well. They all were super nice and they even fed us a few times. We committed them all to baptism and continued teaching them every day. They were all progressing, but one of them was like the “golden investigator”. Every commitment we extended he was more than willing to do. Last night when we met with him he said that he had a letter for me, so after a great lesson, my companion and I were about to leave, when he gave me a letter and told me I couldn’t read it until I got home. When Sister W. and I got back to our apartment we opened the letter and we realized that our “golden investigator” had been confused by the feelings that the Spirit had brought into his life and He thought that they were feelings for me. I got my first love letter the second week of my mission. I think it may be a new record! We had a good laugh for a little bit, but then we got really sad as we realized that our “golden investigator” would no longer be able to progress. Hopefully other missionaries will be able to find him and help him to recognize the Spirit.

In my personal studies I started focusing on what Sin is and how I can recognize my sins that I might fully repent and be worthy to have the Spirit with me always. When we sin we are allowing the natural man to over power our spirit and we make mistakes that causes God to lose confidence in us. When we repent we are able to gain that confidence back. As missionaries it is important and crucial to have God’s confidence. He knows all of His children and He knows who is prepared to accept His gospel. He needs to know that He can trust us before he “refers” us to these special children. In order to gain this trust we must repent of all our sins and be clean that the Holy Ghost might dwell within us and give us those promptings necessary to do His work. When we ignore promptings from the Holy Ghost, it is a sin of omission, we lose some of God’s confidence and He will no longer continue to give us the inspiration we need to find His children. I am truly striving to recognize and act immediately upon each and every prompting given me by the Holy Ghost that I might gain God’s confidence and be led to those who He has prepared.

The mission is an amazing place. Every day is full of experiences that push me to my limits and require me to put my full faith in God. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a special witness of my Savior and to help others come to know of the plan of happiness that our Heavenly Father has for each of His children.

I will try to send you a letter soon and tell you more about the area and stuff that is going on. Time flies! I love you and pray for you everyday. Thank you for your prayers and all of your support. I can truly feel the power of prayers on my behalf, and I am so grateful. Tell the ward thank you for everything that they do! I know that I am here at this specific time and place for a reason. My companion is incredible and I am so grateful to have the best trainer ever. We have so much fun that even though the work is extremely hard, it doesn’t seem so bad.

Love you,

Sister Elliott


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