First Letter from Texas 07/21/14

July 21,2014

Ok so the first week in Texas…. So much has happened, so I will try to get the most important parts down for you.
My companion and trainer is Sister Watkins. She is from Vernal Utah and she leaves in October, so I will be “killing” her. That means I will be her last companion, but we are both ok with that. We get along great. She is a very hard worker and has a very strong testimony and of course we have a little bit of fun too. I am really grateful to have her as my trainer, I think that it will really set the bar for the rest of my mission. She started out as a Spanish speaking Hermana, but she was transferred to English just 2 or 3 transfers ago. I guess there are quite a few that have switched to English recently.

We serve in the Sunnyside area of Pearland. It is not how I expected Texas to be at all. I am in the black ghetto, but honestly I love it. I guess there was some things going on in the area that were not so good, so we are pretty much starting out brand new. We don’t have many investigators right now, so we are doing a LOT of finding. It is really hard, but it is pushing me and really teaching me to rely on God and not on my own strength. There are pretty much two parts to our area, the north side (ghetto) and the South side. We live up by the north side in a town home which is pretty nice and out of the way from everything, so it is safer there. The south side is a little bit nicer where people actually have jobs and are taking care of themselves. There are some medical students that live there, but not too many. We have been working a lot in the north part because it is so much easier to meet people and they are so humble so they are willing to listen to anyone who wants to talk about God. A lot of them are drunk, so we don’t get to teach lessons very often. We have been asked to focus more effort on the north side so that we can strengthen the branch with members that can support themselves. we have been promised that as we work down there we will find those who are prepared. It is an awesome blessing, but we have been struggling. People do not go outside, so we can’t talk to anyone. We rode our bikes the other day and after many many prayers we were able to find a lady from the Philippines that was so ready and willing to hear our message. It was such a blessing just to speak with her! I got bashed with the bible for the first time yesterday, so that was interesting. We met a man and he just ranted and ripped on us for almost 30 minutes. It felt like the entire neighborhood was watching. He didn’t really give us any opportunity to speak, but I did get a very small portion of my testimony in. It just made me so sad that he wouldn’t even give us the opportunity to tell him who we were or what our purpose was. It was heartbreaking to see how hard his heart was.

We got a new car today!!! It is so fancy and I am super excited. We are in a car area, but we decided that we are going to ride the bus and our bikes as much as possible so that we have more opportunities to find people.

Tell everyone thank you for the prayers, I can definitely feel their power. Also, be nice to the missionaries and feed them whenever you can! Offer to go out and teach with them if you can. They always need member present lessons, and you will love the experience. In the mission we have been asked to ask our families to do family history work and send us at least one family name that we can take to the temple during our mission and do ALL the work for them. If you can do that I would be so appreciative
Well, I am running out of time. Thank you for everything! I love you so much. Pray daily and don’t forget to read your scriptures. It is so powerful, and you will be very blessed.

Love, Sister Elliott


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