1st Letter from MTC

Hello from the MTC! The MTC is a wonderful, strange and beautiful place! I am super lucky and have not only one, but two companions! They are the greatest. We all get along so great and are having a lot of fun together. There are only 7 of us in our district, but we have a good time. The elders are all fresh out of high school, and they are hilarious. I really am loving it here.
The second day started out a little bit rough. The three of us went to bed with two alarms set for 5:50 so we could go to early morning gym time. Well, I woke up at 6:45 am, with no help of my alarm. My alarm had not actually been turned to the ON switch, and my companion had accidentally set hers to PM. We got up and ready really fast and made it to breakfast just in time to realize that one of my companions forgot her card. So we had to run back to our room and get that before we could eat breakfast. You’ll be happy to know we still made it to class on time. After that things started looking up and we had a wonderful day! I really just love this place and I feel so much happiness here. Everyone you see is so kind and I can’t even tell you how many times I have heard, “Hey sisters!” I’m starting to get used to it now.
Last night my companions and I were made Sister Training Leaders for our zone. We have no idea what that means yet, but we have a little book to read and then some meetings to go to. Our Branch presidency is great! President Bradford is a wonderful man, and I can tell he really loves this gospel. 12 days in the MTC are going to fly by! It is only my third day, but I feel like I have been here forever. I had always heard in the MTC that weeks go by like days and days go by like weeks, and it seems like that is really true here.
HAPPY 4th of JULY! Pday ends for us today after lunch, and the rest of the day we have class and all sorts of things scheduled, but I hear that we have a slight change in schedule and will actually get to attend a devotional and then go see the fireworks! Woo hoo! I could hear them shooting off outside my window last night and I was so tempted to get up and look. Don’t worry, I didn’t. We keep hearing about how exact obedience will truly bless our lives and allow us to serve our missions in the best way we can. I am already gaining a testimony of that.
Tell everyone thank you for their love and support, and most importantly their prayers! I can truly feel that I am being blessed by other’s prayers right now, and I am so grateful.


Sister Carisa Elliott


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